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The Big Detox Rose Plan

The Big Detox Rose Plan

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The Big Detox is a six week self reflection course.  This is not another diet plan at all, this program is designed for anyone feeling overwhelmed, tired and uninspired. Maybe you just came out of a relationship, maybe you're in a relationship that you  has run its course. This plan is for anyone who wants to get healthy but doesn't know where to start.

Like all GBL plans this plan is centered around Intermittent Fasting, habit forming and one on one time with your coach via ZOOM.  This plan runs for 6 weeks beginning whenever you are ready  and each week has a different theme which will have you doing different activities that will help your reintroduction to yourself..

You are purchasing the Rose Plan - This includes:

  • A Downloadable PDF  breaking down each week's assignments .
  • Direct access to Lauren's personal number
  •  Three One on One Face to Face Check-ins on Zoom 
  • Mental Health Check in before you begin
  •  Recipe Book that will be emailed to you the week before with some of Lauren's favorite foods.
  • You will also be staying off social media for six weeks. Get ready to really find yourself and trust the process.

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