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GBL Waist Trainer

GBL Waist Trainer

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The GBL Waist Trainer is a super flexible alternative to those stiff corseted waist trainers that made it hard to move, sit or stand in. The GBL Waist trainer can be worn under your clothes all day long or worn to the gym. Doubles as a sweat belt and back support with shaping capabilities without the rigid discomfort.

Made from Neoprene as opposed to latex, it offers a safer alternative especially for those with certain skin allergies and sensitivities. Neoprene holds up better against many harsh chemicals and you don't run the risk of having an allergic reaction.  

When Can You Wear The GBL Waist Trainer?

  • After childbirth/labour for hip and back support.  Postpartum belly binding is a very old tradition done 2 to 4 days after delivery, up to ten days after. Though this is a little different, it can be used after and during this time. 

  • If your jobs requires you to stand for Long hours this is great as a back support. Lauren uses it while standing and working from her desk at work

  • Working out,  to help you sweat more.

  • Working from home sitting at a desk, this is great product to help with slouching.

  • Gentle Waist Training if worn daily.

  • Great for anyone who has had a BBL Surgery. 

Sizes are Measured in cm 

Small - Size 60cm  (Fit waists 65 -70 cm)

Medium - Size  65cm (Fits waists  70-75cm)

 Large   -  Size 70cm  (Fits waists  75 -80cm) 

Extra Large - Size75cm  (Fits waists 80-85cm)


Hand wash in cold water and do not put the GBL waist trainer in the dryer, so it can last longer.  Lauren wears a size small, they do stretch and because of the side straps can be adjusted to a little tighter.

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