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Begginers Guide To Wellness | 30 Day Plan

Begginers Guide To Wellness | 30 Day Plan

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Welcome to our latest drop at – an all-encompassing introduction to wellness that builds upon the success of our One Month Plan, which first put us on the map in 2020. This 30-day program revolves around Fasting, Detoxing, and Talking – not merely to train your stomach and shed weight, but to instill a lifestyle habit that fosters a deeper connection with your body.

What sets Good Body apart is our unique accountability feature, ensuring your success throughout the program:

  • Weekly check-ins
  • Two digital live sessions with Lauren and more.

This program is meticulously designed to hold you accountable, embracing the transformative power of fasting. I believe in its potential to change lives, and with this program, I aim to change yours. Upon purchase, you'll receive a downloadable PDF. In case of any issues, reach out to us at, and we'll promptly send one your way. The PDF includes clickable links, and if they don't respond to a click, simply highlight and open them in a new browser. Your journey to wellness starts here

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