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Bedroom Body 30 Day Home Workout Guide

Bedroom Body 30 Day Home Workout Guide

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Welcome to Bedroom Body, your go-to digital workout plan designed to transform your fitness journey right from the comfort of your own home.

Hi, I’m Lauren, founder of LaurenOLauren Wellness. In 2020, I launched this brand with a mission to make fitness & wellness more accessible, approachable, and most importantly, enjoyable for everyone. Now, I’m thrilled to introduce our very first digital workout program, focused on your body. Something we have never really done all of our products have been wellness focused. offering: Bedroom Body—a series of bodyweight workouts crafted especially for those who are short on time or find traditional gym settings intimidating.

What makes Bedroom Body unique? It’s all about simplicity and effectiveness. No fancy equipment needed. No complicated routines. Just you, your body, and a commitment to feeling your best. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into fitness or a seasoned enthusiast looking for fresh inspiration, Bedroom Body has something for you.

Our workout plan is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life. Each session is short yet powerful, making it easy to squeeze in a workout whenever and wherever you can—whether it’s before you start your day or as a quick energy boost during lunch break.

You can tailor the workouts to be from anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour, you can up the intensity or you can keep it baseline. Its extremely customizable. 

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