What is Detoxing

Detoxing and fasting go hand in hand so it seems, but they are different.

Detoxing as the name suggest is removing toxins from the body. We get toxins in our bodies in many different ways, the foods we eat, air we breath, chemicals we put in and on our bodies. 

Detoxing can also be dated back to Greek Physician Hippocrates, who is dubbed as the “Father of Western Medicine".  It’s rumored that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, but you can do more research on that. There are certain house plants that help regulate the air in our homes as well air purifying systems.

When we think of detox we think of food, but here at Good Body Lifestyle we think of detoxing on a broader scale. Chemicals and food aren’t the only things that are toxic in today’s age.  We are living in the “information overload era”, the “Me Too Era,”  and the “I’ll have what she’s having, even if it means being unhappy and hating myself after era.” Anything and anyone including ourselves can be toxic.

Detox must become a way of life and it can be as short as an hour or a whole year.