Detox, Fast, Talk and Find Yourself. That's our slogan and that's exactly what this program is about.  Small changes consistently  over a period of time will do more long term, than drastic changes that will breed unsustainable results.  

If you had mentioned the gym to me ten years ago I would have told you that I don’t need to lose weight. When I thought about the gym, I associated it with  weight loss. Yes you can lose weight at the gym but it’s way more than weight loss.  Good Body is not a workout routine and getting a gym membership is entirely up to you.

In today’s world we eat more that our ancestors. Food is the epicenter of our lives and is involved in all our celebrations, there is nothing wrong with that. However, our stomach needs breaks and constantly eating, means your stomach is constantly working. I want to help you give your body a break, you’re not always hungry, sometimes you’re just confused.

My program won’t force you to do anything strenuous, we will not count calories and you will not starve to death or pass out from dehydration. The world is a crazy place right now and I wanted to create something, that we could all use.  Not only is there a Fasting and Detoxing side of this but the Talk feature is my favorite; You get two of those sessions every month and weekly checkins from me personally to make sure you’re on track.  I want to hold you accountable but most importantly, I want to make sure you're ok.  

 Good Body Lifestyle is a monthly subscription, and each month  we will explore different ways to do things and keep leveling up on your technique.