Kodak Moments - Is That What We Are All Looking For Now?

Kodak Moments - Is That What We Are All Looking For Now?

Designer Shopping bags on a Table with Two cups f iced coffee Social media though it is not to be blamed has given rise to a lot of Kodak situations. People are doing what looks good in a picture but might not necessarily be good for them. Everyone is chasing that instagrammable background at the same places, can you blame them.  It’s what “Living the life” is supposed to look like, and who doesn’t want to live the life right 

I posted some stories once of me hanging out with my friends, when I hang out I always have a good time or else I’m leaving. The fact that I got dressed and left my house means - we having a good time period!! We are taking lots of pictures, because you only live once and remembering the night/day without pictures  is not enough. So yes I record the moments as they happen, but only when they happen and only with people I can call my genuine friends.  Anyways back to what I was saying I posted a story and somebody commented saying “I would love to hang out with you and your friends, you seem so fun. The person was right I’m a whole lotta fun, but I have a whole lotta baggage that comes with my friendship too. Don’t try to hang out with me based on the fun you see.  

There are days when I can’t get out of bed, because I’m crippled by anxiety and I need to take a prescription to go to sleep.  I over think and I over care, I try to be a good person for the people in my life I want everyone around me to win!! But if I feel betrayed I can become your worst enemy, so be careful how you enter my life - you might regret the day you met me. My friends have to deal with not only the fun me, but the ridiculously unstable parts of me too. If you can’t handle those crazy days I can’t allow you into my circle, and if you make it in you won’t last long. 

Because even though we take amazing photos, these people got me, these people will show up to a hospital room at 2am, this person will call every office until they find the one that has my husband to tell him I need to go to the ER ASAP(This actually happened) 

You want the Kodak moments but you don’t want to be a friend, you just want the benefits of friendship without ever investing anything into the account. 

Are you a good friend? Or are you a nice person, a good friend doesn’t have to be a nice person and a nice person doesn’t have to be a good friend. Read that again, yes that’s what I wrote. I know people who are really nice people always laughing always cheerful, but they are horrible friends and I know people who will drop everything and run to your rescue but they are not a people person. 

Don’t get caught in these Kodak moments, recognize the real people in your lives and understand that everyday might not be amazing but these are your people. Find your people and keep them. You don’t need a big circle - you need a real circle remember that.  The moments will come but it’s important to make sure that these moment are spent with real people and not Kodak people who will move from you to the next available Instagram post the minute the going gets rough. 

The way the world has been acting it’s better to be alive in your apartment than around people looking to use you for something. 


Your Life Coach 👩🏾‍💻 

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