The GBL Classic 30 Day Plan

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This is our classic Program and this is how we got started. This plan is a 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle beginner program that is 100% personalized.  Your plan will be tailored to you and while it may be similar to another client's it will not be the same.  

This Plan Includes:

  • Two Monthly Digital One on One's with Lauren (We talk about whatever you want and how we can make this plan work for you).
  •  Mental Health Checkin Survey
  • Daily Access to Lauren via text messages
  • Weekly Fasting guide and information to help you create healthier habits and be more in-tune with your body.
  •  Supermarket Suggestion List, to help you eat better through small switches weekly.
  •  You get an additional three days to log your meals so when we have our one on one, I have an idea of how I will create your plan tailored to you. 

 Good Body Merch will always be 20% for our GBL Classic Members

This program is designed to hold you accountable.  Intermittent Fasting changed my life and I want to use it to change yours. After your purchase you should be able to download a PDF.  If you are unable to, please feel free to reach out via email ( and you will be sent one.  

The PDF will have links that you will have to click, but if the link doesn't click, just highlight it and open it in a new browser.